1 set of interactive cat and cat hanging toys


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Contents: 1 set of triangle cat hooks, 1 hook, 2 replacement toys, upgraded replacement head, can replace a variety of toys, attract cat’s attention when swinging
Triangle Hook: You can hang this triangular cat hook on door frames, cat climbing frames, chairs, tables, etc., with stable triangular clamping force with non-slip rubber ends.
Adjustable elastic rope design: adjust the length of the rope by adjusting the buckle, so that the cat can play comfortably, the length of the elastic rope can be up to 1.5m, and the elasticity is great
Self-playing cat toy: hanging plush toy, made of black elastic cord and transparent suction cup, with elastic cord allows the mouse toy to swing to attract cat’s interest, you can hang it on a suitable place at any time. any time to free your hands, great for kittens and adult cats.
CAT ENTERTAINMENT: Cat and mouse toys have many benefits, they can help your cat de-stress and interact with boredom, and release cat’s instinct to hunt, help kitten healthy movement, promote digestion , and also can train cat’s bouncing ability, improve cat’s intelligence, help release energy, and prevent cat from destroying furniture when bored.


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