PIPOLINO M white – Mobile and adjustable dry food dispenser


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Designed by a French veterinarian in 2007, the PIPOLINO allows your cat to search for food like in nature. Through daily physical and mental activity, as well as slow ingestion, it provides satiety, well-being, health and longevity.
When hungry, the cat rolls the size M PIPOLINO on the ground to find its food. Dry food, which must be less than 12 mm, will come out of the openings of the PIPOLINO provided for this purpose.
The size M PIPOLINO is suitable for cats and kittens weighing more than 1 kg. To be used on the ground, on a flat and smooth surface, indoors or outdoors. A single PIPOLINO M is sufficient for 4 cats.
The size M PIPOLINO improves your cat’s daily life: mental balance, muscle and joint maintenance, good digestion.
The PIPOLINO is an economical, efficient, silent, dirt-repellent, robust, easy-to-use product. It can be used by your cat for several hours a day, without getting tired of it.


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